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January 28, 2020  

Does anger have anything to teach us in a world with so much violence and suffering?  Join me this week for an exploration around anger.  I'll weave threads from David Whyte, Bill Plotkin and Joanna Macy, plus share a few personal stories about my own relationship with anger.  Enjoy!  Or get pissed off.  

December 18, 2019  

A podcast on advent, incarnation, the womb, Rilke, holiday parties, the mall, and the pregnant possibility of sweet darkness.  Happy holidays my friends.  Enjoy!

December 3, 2019  

This week is about conspiracy theories, fantasies and our strategies for avoiding impermanence and the abyss. Enjoy!

November 13, 2019  

Sick of the news?  Let's talk about Echo and Narcissus, a David Whyte poem, flannel shirts, and Gandhi's well know imperative, "be the change you want to see in the world."  Enjoy!     

October 21, 2019  

"You complete me!" Not really.  As a follow up to the last episode on the Shadow, I'm diving into the image of the Magical Other.  Let's talk about projections and fantasies in intimate, long-term relationships.  And how to grow up.  This episode is in my series Stuff that Helps!, where I popularize stuff I've found helpful.  This week will be about the work of James Hollis, a Jungian Analyst and author who coined the phrase the Magical Other.  According to Hollis the fantasy of the Magical Other is one of the chief sources of suffering in long-term relationships, not to mention a kind of false god in the Western world.  Enjoy!

October 9, 2019  

With so much finger pointing and blame right now, let's talk about the shadow and projection.  Ken Wilber calls shadow work the great gift of psychology in the 21st century.  So what is it?  How do we get close to the possibilities and invitations hidden beneath our conscious awareness?  Enjoy! 

September 11, 2019  

We've lost the plot again!  Let's talk about The Apocalypse, which really means "to reveal." With so much anxiety and fear, is there a reason to be hopeful?  What does the destruction and renewal symbol have to teach us right now?  "No one ought ever love their suffering/but no one ever loves without its pain/as we die we come to wondering/if there was something we could not yet see/that winged Thing that merges with Earth's suffering/to make us what we would otherwise never be." (Rilke)

August 19, 2019  

The last podcast created some controversy, so let's go further.  In this episode, I bring in some other voices on the subject of "know thyself" - I discuss the early adolescent tensions of authenticity and social acceptance from the work of Bill Plotkin, the traps of identification according to Cynthia Bourgeault, radical consciousness from Ken Wilber, and the Cosmic Dance of Thomas Merton.  Enjoy! 

July 17, 2019  

Know thyself! The gifts and limits of the enneagram, from my experience. Enjoy.

July 2, 2019  

This week, woman's soccer, Exodus, liberation, co-creating a better world and the gift of the sacred feminine imagination.  Enjoy!

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