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March 29, 2021  

Here's my Holy Week offering.  Enjoy! #hintsandguesses 

March 23, 2021  

Just before the pandemic shut down the world, I recorded a conversation with two friends from Jerusalem while I was leading a tour there, both pastors at the small congregation I attended when I was a student.  We dive into what life is like in Jerusalem for Christians, our thoughts and feelings about the ongoing tensions, what it's like to raise kids in such a complex environment and more.  Our conversation is completely unscripted and wide-ranging.  I hope you hear something fresh and interesting here as we discuss ideas and realities that tend to sharply divide the world in camps.  Thanks for being a part of this podcast, for sharing it, for making it happen.  Enjoy!

February 20, 2021  

Back to the origins of the podcast with Paul Moore!  Hope you enjoy another unscripted conversation, from racism, to meditation, to the nature of how the ego changes. 

February 10, 2021  

What do we stand to learn from 2020?  What sort of spiritual stance is needed in 2021?  These questions keep turing over in my heart and mind.  Part of the answer seems to require some curiosity and clarity about mass movements, how they work, their intoxicating power, how the individual gets swallowed and dehumanized, and what to do about it.  I'll be turing to some Jung and T.S. Eliot for a few hints and guesses.  Enjoy.

February 1, 2021  

Check out my interview with the eco-depth psychologist Bill Plotkin! We discuss his new book, The Journey of Soul Initiation, and the challenges of growing into a true adult.  I'm so grateful for his books and the time I've spent in wild places with him and other Animas Valley Institute guides.  Enjoy!

January 19, 2021  

The Forum is a place for conversations with inspiring people. Ryan Meeks is a friend, guide, and a former Mega Church pastor (just like me)!  We talk about what threads we started following later in life, and what the current edge of our sense of calling and spirituality is right now.  I hope you here a hint or guess for your own story.  I'll occasionally be dropping these conversations as part of a project I'm calling the The Forum.  Enjoy!    

January 4, 2021  

Join me in starting off the New Year with some needed self examination.  Enjoy (perhaps)! 

December 21, 2020  

The final advent reflection, based on the traditional scripture readings.  Merry Christmas and happy Solstice. 

December 14, 2020  

Episode 3 in my short Advent series.  What the nature of the Messianic kingdom that Jesus embodied?  Enjoy!

December 7, 2020  

Check out the next episode in my advent series.  Enjoy! 

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